victoria milan

want to meet ethnic Norwegian escort


Young lady with the appearance of a model, tall, slim and facial pen. I am a natural sensual creature and love to satisfy and be satisfied.
I exercise daily and stay fit with yoga, running and dancing.
I am very selective about who I meet and only want to meet ethnic Norwegian men. I appreciate quality above quantity and therefore will not meet anyone and everyone who calls when I want our meeting together will be of pleasure to both and nothing like a assembly line experience.

I'm not always on the phone because of. My hectic everyday life, where I have a regular job and various other things I do. I will be available within the times listed but if I do not answer, just send a text message. I do not call you when discretion is something I put high on the list.

- Do not show up on alcohol or alcohol.
- Cleanliness is important so I wish you always take a shower when you arrive.
- Do not bargain on the prices / you will be blacklisted.
- Only men over 30.

1 hour - 3000 kr
2 hours - 6000 kr
Extra hour - 2000 kr


170 CM
56 KG

Oslo - 0192


Ikke glem å nevne Escort46 når du kommer i kontakt!

victoria milan